Baby Keyan

This fresh little bundle was only 9 days old at the time of his portrait session.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say again, I absolutely love photographing newborns at home.  There is something so special about watching new parents interacting with their precious new addition!

Keyan Newborn 2014Keyan Newborn 2014-1Keyan Newborn 2014-2Keyan Newborn 2014-3_editKeyan Newborn 2014-4Keyan Newborn 2014-5Keyan Newborn 2014-6Keyan Newborn 2014-7Keyan Newborn 2014-8Keyan Newborn 2014-9Keyan Newborn 2014-10Keyan Newborn 2014-11Keyan Newborn 2014-12Keyan Newborn 2014-13Keyan Newborn 2014-14

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